Dear Parents,

As per the handbook and calendar, this document will detail the off Shabbos scheduling until Chanukah break.

• Off Shabbosim in Yeshiva are scheduled on an individual basis. However, there will be some mandatory IN Shabbosim and some mandatory out/off Shabbosim. A Bochur may request an off Shabbos once every 3 weeks. Requests should be discussed with the Menahel by Tuesday of the requested week. The amount of off Shabbosim are determined based on the number of weeks in each Zman.

An off Shabbos begins after Seder on Friday and ALL Bochurim must return Motzoei Shabbos at least 45 minutes before lights out.

23 Elul - Nitzavim/Vayelech

Optional off Shabbos for Shiur Alef Bochurim


From our return after Tishrei until Chanukah break,  there are 9 Shabbosim. All Bochurim will be entitled to 3 off Shabbosim. One of those three is a mandatory out/off Shabbos. The other two may be selected by the Bochurim. There is also one mandatory IN Shabbos. 

27 Cheshvan- Chayei Sarah

Mandatory out/off Shabbos


19 Kislev- Vayishlach

Mandatory IN Shabbos