Dear Parents,

It is imperative to follow the travel times as clearly stated on the calendar. If you have any travel questions feel free to contact Rabbi Eizicovics. [email protected]  

The 5784 Shnas Halimudim will begin on Monday י"א אלול, August 28th. Talmidim should be in Mesivta by 6:00 p.m

Click HERE for full 5784 Printable Calendar

Monday, 11 Elul, August 28th

Yeshiva begins- Talmidim in Yeshiva by 6:00 p.m

Thursday, 6 Tishrei, September 21st

Sukkos break begins- Flights should be made for after 11:30 a.m

Thursday, 27 Tishrei, October 12th

Yeshiva resumes- Talmidim in Yeshiva by 7:00 p.m