5780 Summer policy

The following Email specifies the options for 5780 only.  Subject to change as per the handbook on a yearly basis.

Dear Shiur Alef and Beis Parents, 

The importance of finding the right Yeshivas Kayitz for our Bochurim cannot be overstated.  

A Bochur deserves to be in a structured program that will provide him with a well-balanced environment Bgashmiyus and Bruchniyus.


We must take measures to support and bolster everything that has been accomplished throughout the year and prepare for the new Shnas Halimudim ahead.


The Hanholo has spent a lot of time discussing the best Summer options.

Our goal is the same as yours which is to provide a well-balanced program for our Bochurim.


To this effect, listed below are the acceptable options for this upcoming Summer. Bochurim must attend one of the following programs. Feel free to message me with any concerns.



Napanoch, NY- Our Shiur Alef Bochurim have spent the last two summers here together with Ohr Temimim Toronto Mesivta. Contact is Rabbi Eliezer Posner.  [email protected]


Yeshivas Kayitz Tzfas-  http://www.yktzeireihashluchim.com/


Yeshivas Kayitz Yerushalayim -   http://ykysummer.com/


Yeshivas Kayitz Los Angeles -   https://www.yoec.edu/ykla-5778


Yeshivas Kayitz Kingston -  https://ykkingston.com/